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Zylinder mit Kolben f√ľr STIHL 064, 066, MS640, MS660 (54mm) Nikasil [#11220201209]

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Cylinder Kit fit STIHLErsatzteile für STIHL maschinen 064, 066, MS640, MS660 (54mm) Nikasil [#11220201209]

promotionThis listing is about a brand new after-market Cylinder Kit which fits the following STIHLErsatzteile für STIHL maschinen models, 54mm in diameter, and replaces OEM Part #1122 020 1209:

  • 066
  • 066 W
  • 066 M
  • 066 BR
  • MS 660 (up to Edition Date 27.2003)
  • MS 660-W (up to Edition Date 27.2003)
  • MS 660-Magnum
  • MS 660-Magnum BR

This cylinder kit can also be installed on the following models as a big-bore cylinder kit and replace OEM Part #1122 020 1203. Service Note: For the below models, it is recommended that the cylinder is bolted with all 4 screws, before the nuts are placed. Also, a screw on the decompression port should be installed.

  • 064
  • 064 W
  • 064 R
  • 064 RW
  • MS 640
  • MS 640-W
  • MS 640-R
  • MS 640-RW

The Cylinder Kit consists of:

  • the Cylinder that is Nikasil (NiSi) plated with decompression port
  • the Piston
  • Piston rings
  • Wrist pin
  • Circlips

Note: When comparing this item with competitive items, please note that this Cylinder Kit is Nikasil (NiSi) plated and so it has longer life than Chrome-plated cylinders.

This high-performance Cylinder Kit comes directly from a top-quality
ISO-certified Manufacturer.


This top-quality Cylinder Kit is covered by a 2-year warranty.

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