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Luftfilter f√ľr STIHL TS460, TS510, TS760 [#42211404400, #42211401800, #42211410310]

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Air Filter Set fit STIHLErsatzteile für STIHL maschinen TS 460, TS 510, TS 760 [#42211404400, #42211401800, #42211410310]

promotionThis listing is about a brand new after-market Air Filter Assembly, which fits the following STIHLErsatzteile für STIHL maschinen models:

  • TS 460
  • TS 510 (Machine Numbers after X 24 097 470)
  • TS 760 (Machine Numbers after X 24 097 470)

This Air Filter Assembly consists of 3 components as follows:

  • Air Filter that replaces OEM Part #4221 140 4400.
  • Auxiliary Filter that replaces OEM Part #4221 140 1800.
  • Prefilter that replaces OEM Part #4221 141 0310.

This high-performance Air Filter Set comes directly from a top-quality
ISO-certified Manufacturer.

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Will you buy a quality after-market part at the right price,
or a cheap piece that will need replacement after a couple of months?

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